Pita Pizza

This morning i decided to make pizza. I’ve found a few recipes online that inspired me to make pizza without using the good ol’ pizza dough, but using pita bread instead. So, i went to Trader Joe’s and got a few ingredients that i needed.

For the base, i spread olive oil on the pita bread (Make sure you use the actual pita bread, not the sandwich kind) and i sprinkled crushed red pepper to add a little kick (This  is optional). For the toppings i used mushrooms, tomatoes, avocados, fresh basil leaves, and 2-3 different kinds of cheese (I used fresh mozzarella, pepper jack and extra sharp white cheddar), but you can certainly use your favorite kind 🙂

Create the toppings you like, be  creative! Preheat the oven at 375 degrees and bake for 10-12 minutes. I made two kinds, the vegetarian one with fresh avocado on top (Add the avocados once its finished baking) and the other one with cooked, chopped bacon. It’s very easy and yummy!! I hope you will like it as much as i do. Feel free to comment or feedback when you make one

Much love, Sisie


2 responses to “Pita Pizza

  1. Your pictures are beautiful, and this looks delish!!! Thanks for sharing sweetheart!!! I’ll definitely try this as one of Jordan and and I’s first meals together 😀

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