Keys to fighting frizz

Frizz can be one of the biggest problems a woman faces when it comes to her hair.  And for those of us that live in a humid climate, this can be even more of a nuisance.  I have put together a few of the most important tips that I have learned to help fight this unwanted foe.

First, be sure that you are using salon-quality products.  This requires that they be purchased in a salon.  I say this because the Redken that you purchase at a drugstore is not the same as the Redken purchased in a salon/spa [you can email me for more detailed information on this point].  Some of my favorite shampoo/conditioners include, but are not limited to: Biolage Rejuvatherapie with Camelina Oil for moisture and Redken’s Real Control for dry hair.  The key to using these is to use shampoo and conditioner.

The next key comes to styling.  Please, please, please use a styling aid!  If you don’t need any hold, then I would use a serum to combat frizz before it happens.  My go-to serum of the moment is Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment and it is made with Moroccan Argan Oil so that addresses moisture, frizz, smoothness, elasticity and shine concerns.  I just add a dime-size amount to any other styling aids I am using that day and then massage into the ends of the wet hair first, working toward the scalp.  The beautiful thing about this product is that you can apply it to dry hair as well which is perfect if you have a few problem areas that tend to get frizzy after styling is finished.

The last tip that I find is key is to be sure you are blow-drying your hair properly.  Make sure that when you are using a blow dryer to use one with ionic heat.  Also, do not use a brush until your hair is already at least 70% dry – use your fingers until then.  Once you are using the brush, be sure to blow down the hair shaft as shown in the picture below.

If you blow up the hair, it will cause your hair’s cuticle to “roughen”, thus causing frizz.  I know many of us want added volume at the crown, this can be accomplished by over-directing your brush and blow-drying underneath the section of hair.  Please note that this is to be done once the hair is already dry, so it should not add as much frizz as if done before the hair is dry [and the cuticle is closed].

Feel free to add hairspray and a bit more serum after you have finished the style in order to tame any fly-aways.

I surely hope that this has helped with the frizz that ails you!



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