How to determine what Hairstyle fits your face shape

Good Morning All!

I was thinking today, what is one of the questions I get asked most frequently in the salon?  It dawned on me, nearly 75% of people would like to know the two following things:

1. What is my face shape?

2. What hairstyle fits with that shape?

Here is the simplified version of how to determine your face shape:

First, get 5 colorful stickers.  Put these stickers on your face as shown in the picture [I apologize for the silliness of the picture!]

There should be a sticker at the highest corner of your hairline on each side, then the point of your jaw on each side and your chin.  Once these stickers are in place, you can see an imaginary line connecting them to see a shape.  In my case, the stickers at the top are more narrow [or, closer together] than those at the jawline.  Therefore, my face shape is more of a pear shape.  The basic face shapes are: Oval, Round, Oblong, Diamond, Pear, Square, and Heart.

The most desired face shape is an oval.  Therefore, when determining the correct hairstyle the goal is to create the illusion that you have an oval face shape!  For me, being a pear, I need to add volume at the top to balance out the extra “volume” my face has at the bottom.  Make sense?  So, if you have a heart-shaped face, you should have a bit of volume around your chin/neck area to balance out the added volume at the top [i.e. your forehead] and then you look oval!  Here are a few examples, including one of my short-hair styles showing the importance of volume at the top for a pear-shaped face.

Note that the added volume through the crown area and a “wispy” bang creates the illusion that I have a slim oval face.

With a heart shape, adding volume/bulk near the chin will create the illusion of an oval face.  I like how the volume created is softer by using the beach-wave look.

With a square face, the goal is to make the harsh/straight lines seem softer.  With this style, we have no real added volume, just soft tendril curls to create a softer, more feminine look.  The only real volume is at the sides, which makes me see more of an oval shape.

All-in-all, I would say to determine your face shape and use the power of illusion to make it look oval.  This gives a more feminine look to any lady!  Also, if you already have an oval shape then you can rock any hairstyle you like and you are blessed!

Have fun with this and test out new looks!



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