Favorite iPhone apps

Hey guys. i hope everybody is having a great week! Just wanted to share some of my favorites iPhone apps. To all the iPhone users, some of you may have heard/already use these apps, but that’s ok, maybe you can tell us some features that we don’t know about 🙂

1. Instagram: The most popular and it’s FREE!!! Almost everybody with smartphones has instagram. This app it’s not limited to iPhones users.

2. Picture Show: This is my favorite one. It has a lot of editing tools and they also have presets available, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing. here’s some samples:

3. Hipstamatic: This one works just like an old vintage camera, it’s really fun! The vintage filter is built in the camera app, you don’t need to edit or add a vintage filter to your photo. here’s some samples:

Hipstamatic also comes with it’s own “Sub-apps” that you have to download separately. Unfortunately they’re not for free :(, but it was only $.99 the last time i purchased it. The two i currently have are the D-Series camera and incredibooth.

4. VSCO cam: I love, love, love this app! Why? Because it’s so simple and it’s easy to use. It works as an editing software for your photo. You can add or lower exposure, sharpen your image, or even add grain or a blurry effect to your image.

5. Picture Frames: I use this app when i want to make a photo collage. It’s very user friendly and they have a lot of layouts!

So, that’s my top five. How about you, what are your favorite iPhone apps?



2 responses to “Favorite iPhone apps

  1. Desiree Natasha Pesik

    Siiiieee, u mention “Picture Frame” twice?

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