Daily Inspiration

Hey all! I hope it has been a great week for everybody. I just wanted to share 5 blogs that have been such an inspiration to me. I love how each of these blogs offers a different theme, content or specialty.

A Beautiful MessThis is the first blog i followed. The moment i landed on Elsie’s blog, i immediately fell in love. To me, her blog is like a playground, it’s fun, exciting, colorful and has a lot of ideas. You can draw inspiration from her DIY projects, fashion, crafts and recipes. You can see that she pours her passion into her blog, through great photographs, blog lineup and color composition. This blog is now managed by both Elsie and her Sister Emma. Check out their blog at A Beautiful Mess.  Photo by: Elsie Larson of Beautiful mess

Sincerely, KinseyI discovered Kinsey’s blog from A Beautiful Mess. Her blog is where i go for photography inspiration. Her photographs are like poems without words. They are very soothing and she always captures the perfect moment. She writes a lot about DIY fashion as well. Click here to check out her blog.                                                                 Photo by: Sincerely, Kinsey (Kinsey Mhire Photography)

Oana BefortOana Befort is a graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania. Her blog content is full of beautiful designs, paintings, and cool DIY decor tutorials. I go to her blog when i’m looking for design ideas that have a mixture of elegance and simplicity. Click here to check out her blog. Also check out her Etsy shop.                                              Photo by: Oana Befort

Pugly PixelWether you’re a professional blogger or you just started your own blog,  you will love this blog. Pugly pixel is full of blogging tutorials for blogger enthusiasts. You can find tips on photos, blog layouts, design inspirations, fonts for your blog, and more. You can sign up to subscribe and get more tips and info. I love the modern simplicity design of her blog. Click here to check out her blog.                                Photo by: Pugly Pixel.

The Farmer’s NestThe last but not least. This is my home remedy source. Robyn’s shabby chic blog reminds me of Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman. Her blog gives you the feel of country living, recipes, DIY tutorials and she writes about her family. I got an amazing “Make your own Mrs. Myers liquid hand soap” tutorial from from the farmer’s nest. Click here to check out her blog. Photo by: Robyn of The Farmer’s Nest

I hope you will enjoy browsing through these blogs. It is always fun to find a place where you can be inspired. what’s your favorite blog?



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