What is More?

This is where my mind and heart have been for the last week.  God, IS able to do exceedingly, abundantly ALL that we ask or think according to the power that WORKS in US.  These are powerful words.  And probably the biggest thing that I struggle with as a Christian woman.

Do I believe that He is capable?


Do I believe that He WANTS to show Himself powerful in and through me?


So, where is the disconnect?  The Holy Spirit has been revealing this to me bit by bit, so forgive me if this is just the beginning.  For the past 23 years, I have been “the boss”.  I was the boss of my 4 younger siblings, at times I was the boss of my own mother, I was the boss in my workplace, at church, etc.  I have always had a leadership quality.  So, that being said, it makes sense that I like to be the boss of my life.  HA!  That’s where it gets laughable.  Because, if God has entrusted HIS blessings and HIS gifts to me, why oh why do I think I deserve to be the boss?  Lord, purge this old way of thinking out from the core of my being!!  That I can truly see that You are more than able to “be the boss” of my life.  That I can see in fullness that GREAT things You have planned for me!  Oh, Lord, change me!

So, today that “big” thing, the “more” that I am asking and thinking about is this:

God, I want to be able to see the ways in which I can succeed.  Not the ways in which I may fail, but the triumphs You have given me as my portion.



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