God’s Placement

Today, I am sharing with you a great article from Jr. DeSouza.  It is very insightful and reminds us that God places us where we are because it is where we are the most beautiful!

Two years ago I was asked to speak in Los Angeles. The pastor who brought me in took me to Hollywood and introduced me to Elizabeth Taylor’s longtime personal jeweler. It seemed random at first, but proved to be an important prophetic experience. This morning the Holy Spirit brought it to mind for us.

My pastor friend and I were warmly welcomed by the jeweler and her family. She left us momentarily and returned with some thirty necklaces (I’m assuming my friend snitched that I like necklaces). She laid them out on the table before us–a combined worth of at least $10,000,000.
     What hypnotized me, however, was an unexpected point that was made: the jewels were only as beautiful and valuable as the setting they were matched with. Some jewels were matched with white gold, some silver, some a manly rugged bronze, some encased in sparkling glass, some set in stone with intriguing designs. Matched with a clever setting, the jewels were immeasurably more dazzling. There, at her kitchen table, the Spirit plunged me into a moment of insight.  Scripture often says we are the Lord’s jewels (Isa 54:11-13, Mal 3:17, 2Co 4:7, 1Pet 2:5). However, there is a setting in which your particular treasure fits, functions, and looks best. It might be this church, not that one; this city, not that one; this social circle, not that one; this field, not that one; this person, not that one.  Your jewel has intrinsic value in the kingdom, but in the wrong setting, its practical value decreases (at best), or is eliminated completely (at worst).  Identity misplaced is identity impotent. A fish out of water dies. This month and next begin an important time of placement and setting. You have worked with the Lord to settle your identity issues, to realize the value of your jewel. Now work with Him to place that jewel in the right setting.


Be Blessed!



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