7 Easy steps for recycling those old picture frames

Good Day, All!  I am sharing a recent DIY project I did for my new salon.  My grandmother had given me all of her vintage hair styling tools for display and I needed a fun way to display them.  Here’s what I came up with:

Step 1: Locate multitudes of old picture frames without the glass






Step 2: Choose the paint you want to use.  I opted for Martha Stewart’s paint, as it is good for any surface.  The wall at the salon where I intended to place these frames was light grey, so the colors I choose were black and a silver-rose color.  Now, begin painting!

















Step 3: Allow frames to dry






Step 4: Affix picture frames to the wall as desired.  For this project, I wanted it to be balanced yet random.






Step 5: Purchase appropriate supplies to affix tools inside picture frames.  For my project, I needed the poultry fence nails and 3M sticky tape because I had both heavy and light objects.








Step 6: Affix items for display using appropriate tools.  For the first 2 items pictured, I used the poultry fence nails.  For the 3rd picture, I used the 3M product.
















Step 7: Step back and enjoy the finished product!






Hope you enjoy getting even more years of use out of those old picture frames gathering dust in your attic/basement/garage!

Be Blessed!



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