Out of the Mouths of Babes

Good Day, All!

I decided to write about the moments in the past week that my daughter has astonished and humbled me with her faith.  My daughter’s name is Daliah and she is 3 years old.  This last week, my husband got sick from a co-worker and so I knew it was only a matter of time before it passed to Daliah and then on to me.  I was hoping that I was wrong, but this did tend to be the pattern.

Well, I came home from Church last Wednesday night and, sure enough, Daliah was sick.  I spent that night nursing her ailments.  The next day, she kept saying “I’m sick”.  Knowing that our words hold much power, I reminded her that Jesus will heal her, we just need to ask and believe.  So, we prayed that she would be healed.  Later she told me the first of my lessons for the week: “mama, Jesus is going to make me better because Jesus loves me!”

The following day, she told her grandma the same thing and now she is all healed!  Then on Saturday at Church, she was talking to a gentleman that had an accident at work in which he lost a finger.  He was explaining this to her and afterward she told him, “when God is happy, He will give it back to you.”

It is amazing how God uses all of His creation to speak of His goodness and miracles, even “little babes”.







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