Signs and Wonders

Good Day, All!

In my time in the Word this week, I found this verse in Isaiah that is truly challenging my perspective.  It reads, “…Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders…”  I have always believed that the Lord had great plans for my daughter, but seeing this verse that so clearly states it really rocked my socks off.

Now, the challenge to my heart has been, “am I holding her to this standard?”  Each day, am I believing that SHE has an assignment of the Lord just as I?  Each day are we approaching His Throne together in prayer so that she can see an example of one that will fully trust in Him to bring forth signs and wonders through us?

In the end, it is clear.  God GAVE me Daliah for signs and for wonders.  This day, I would challenge you in this same way.  Do you see that the Lord has GIVEN you children for signs and for wonders?  The signs and wonders may be for you, your family, friends…or for those multitudes out in the world that your children will minister to.

This is an amazing gift and an amazing responsibility.  Lord, give me the wisdom to know how to parent my sign and wonder.  Give me the patience and lovingkindness needed to nurture the gift sitting within.  Use me to show her how to follow after You in a way that so surpasses that in which I have.  And I thank You for my sign and wonder. Amen.



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