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Hey there, just want to share this quote i found on Pinterest 🙂19140367137777272_usRAqYtQ_c

Hope everybody is having a blessed week! ~Sisie

photo and quote c/0 woofimaunicorn.


Crafting and fellowship

Hello all, it’s been a while since we post something here, december has been  a really busy month for both Crystal and i. We hope that everybody is having a wonderful december so far (it’s 2 weeks till Christmas!!!) Crystal and i got together with a few of our friends to craft and make handmade gifts. It was super fun! if you love crafting, you and your girlfriends should do it, handmade gifts are the best :). So…here are a few snaps from the festivity. photo-47
photo-48 photo-49 photo-50Ps: I’ve been loving my new camera app on my iPhone, it’s called Afterglow. Checkout the website It’s only $.99.

Much Love! ~Sisie