Monthly Archives: June 2013


Hey All!!

As you can see, blogging has not been my strong suit lately 😦

Life has been very hectic and this has been pushed aside, however now is the time to get back in the saddle!  This being said, God showed me something that was pretty amazing the other day and I just had to share it!!  The word “opportunity” came to me and all of the sudden it popped out that the end of that word is UNITY!!!  He was showing me that He presents us with opportunity in life each and everyday.  When we are in unity::with Him, the Body of Christ, and even our surroundings::that is when we succeed in the opportunities presented.  WOW!!  This was so cool to me because I have seen in the past the immense number of opportunities He gives me.  But now I see that the key to fulfilling these opportunities is being in unity with Him and those He has surrounded me with.  Grab a hold of that and just see how much you [and He] accomplish!!