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Your hair wants volume? You got it!

Over the years, I would say that I have tried about every trick in the book to get [and keep] my hair big and full of volume!  Now, I am fortunate in that my wavy hair does tend to hold a style quite nicely.  However, I have still been on a quest to find the best method for creating volume without damaging my locks.  I believe I have found it and it is no “newfangled” contraption, but a tried and true method that many of our mothers and grandmothers utilized.  Without further ado, please say hello to rollers!

I have found that for most styles, women are craving volume through the crown of the hair.  Many of us obtain this with volume spray, mousse, powder and the good ol’ backcombing/teasing brush.  Well, I say, no more!  Here are just 6 easy steps to get voluminous hair with less hassle and less damage:

1. wash and condition hair as normal.  towel dry gently. [when you vigorously dry your hair, it roughs up the cuticle which contributes to frizz and diminishes shine making the hair appear dull]

2. comb hair with wide-tooth comb.  apply mousse and a glossing serum.  [my favorites are Joico JoiWhip Mousse and Joico Super Shine Glossing Polish]

3. Section out the “mohawk” of your hair.  This is from temple to temple and back to the curve of the head.

4. Now, time to put in the rollers.  Rollers can be found at Sally Beauty Supply in numerous sizes.  The bigger the better for volume!  I like to use 2 different sizes to get a bit of definition and dimension to the style.  Take 1 inch sections through the mohawk and roll back away from the face.  If needed, secure each roller with a clip.  Once the rollers are all in the mohawk, it should look something like this:


you may notice that I have also inserted rollers on the side of the mohawk as well.  this will help to transition the volume into the rest of the style.

5. Allow hair to air dry. 

6. Once dry, remove rollers and tousle hair with glossing polish to break up the curls and add shine.  At this time, backcombing should not be necessary, but a little bit can be added to ensure the volume lasts throughout the day.


The great thing about allowing your hair to air dry in the rollers is that you are not having to blow dry as often AND the rollers add the curl that you would normally obtain from a curling iron, wand or flat iron.  If you can add this into your weekly routine, it will give your hair a much needed break from the heat it encounters!


Now, enjoy adding volume to your life and de-stressing your locks in the process!