Hi, we are Sisie Crawford & Crystal Lantu and we write the GloriousAdornment blog to help incorporate your Christian walk with your everyday life.  We just started the GloriousAdornment blog this year to help other women see how the Lord works in and through their lives and to help them see the power and beauty that they carry.  Prior to starting this blog, Sisie has been walking with the Lord for 6 years and has been an active photographer for 6 years as well.  She has a lot to offer in both of these areas.  She is also beginning to dabble in the craft arena, including scrapbooking and the likes.  Crystal has been walking with the Lord for 10 years and has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 2 years [but both her Grandmother and Mother were Cosmetologists as well, so she was “raised in the shop”].  She has a love for all things beauty – both regarding His beauty and how to bring beauty to those around her.  She loves to create things, including cards, scrapbooks and music.  We both feel very strongly that the Lord has given women a great role to bring impact to our world.  To contact us, please email gloriousadornment@yahoo.com.


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