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Recycle your way to fun

School is officially out for my daughter and we are on a never-ending search to find fun ways to spend our time.  Of course, there are always the go-to ideas: swimming pool, playground, library.  However, we have begun an endeavor to Recycle our way to Fun!  Each time we are about to put something in the recycle bin, we ask ourselves “could we craft something with this?”  We have, many times, answered yes to that question and so we put a separate bin in the kitchen for any recyclable item that we deem fit for crafting!

Our first experience was the easiest craft idea we could conjure.  My daughter seems to like pirates [thank you, Jake and the Neverland Pirates!].  Therefore, she had mentioned several times wanting a “pirate telescope”.  We had saved up many paper towel rolls and we determined to use these!  We each decorated a few, with boats and waves and fish and the like.  Then, we decided to make it even more fun.  We took several pieces of saran wrap and colored them with markers.  We then placed one on one end of each roll.  Glorious!

It is amazing to me how just taking the 10-20 minutes to craft these VERY simple telescopes made my daughter’s entire day!  Once we were done decorating them, we went to the yard and explored with them for at least an hour.  What sheer joy!

My encouragement this summer, especially if you have young children, is to find simple ways to create fun experiences with them.  You may think that what you have in mind is too simple or boring, but chances are that just the opportunity to spend the time with you is exactly what your child is craving!

Fun and adventure can truly be at every corner, if you just look for it!



“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” ~Danny Kaye