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“When the True Self breaks through, a new and impassioned approach to life often makes itself known. We tap into an inner radiance that I call delight. I’m speaking of a unique kind of response to life that can coexist with our most painful realities. I’m speaking of the joy of saying yes to life in the core of our being. I believe that the capacity to delight in life is deeply carved by our waiting. ‘When I planted my pain in the field of patience,’ wrote Kahlil Gibran, ‘it bore fruit of happiness.’ Delight can become a way of life, a way of journeying.”
– Sue Monk Kidd, from the book When the Heart Waits

When we allow ourselves to go through the process and journey that the Lord has invited us on, we will come to a place of seeing and embracing who He truly made us to be. Each one of us has a distinct process, a distinct journey. This is not usually the “easy way” in life, but rather a narrow path that we must choose to walk with Him by our side. He will whisper, ever so gently, the areas that we must discard, that we must embrace, that we must overcome. In this journey, we will come out in fullness. We will come out into a place of delight. Able to dance in the joy of life [despite what our circumstances may be] because He is dancing and delighting with us.

If you feel God calling to you, beckoning your soul to come away with Him, heed that calling. You will see great fruit from your surrender.


What is More?

This is where my mind and heart have been for the last week.  God, IS able to do exceedingly, abundantly ALL that we ask or think according to the power that WORKS in US.  These are powerful words.  And probably the biggest thing that I struggle with as a Christian woman.

Do I believe that He is capable?


Do I believe that He WANTS to show Himself powerful in and through me?


So, where is the disconnect?  The Holy Spirit has been revealing this to me bit by bit, so forgive me if this is just the beginning.  For the past 23 years, I have been “the boss”.  I was the boss of my 4 younger siblings, at times I was the boss of my own mother, I was the boss in my workplace, at church, etc.  I have always had a leadership quality.  So, that being said, it makes sense that I like to be the boss of my life.  HA!  That’s where it gets laughable.  Because, if God has entrusted HIS blessings and HIS gifts to me, why oh why do I think I deserve to be the boss?  Lord, purge this old way of thinking out from the core of my being!!  That I can truly see that You are more than able to “be the boss” of my life.  That I can see in fullness that GREAT things You have planned for me!  Oh, Lord, change me!

So, today that “big” thing, the “more” that I am asking and thinking about is this:

God, I want to be able to see the ways in which I can succeed.  Not the ways in which I may fail, but the triumphs You have given me as my portion.


I surrender all

Today, I am attempting to accomplish something that I have always struggled with.  As women, I feel that many times we like to be in control of everything and possibly everyone.  It helps us to feel stable and secure to know that we can orchestrate all things.  However, the truth of the matter is that we cannot.  Only God can have complete control.  So, today Lord I give over all my worries and cares to You.  I give You my strength and weakness, my success and failure, my burdens and joys.  Take all and do all as You will.

I place my heart and life in Your most capable hands,